Our Mission


Windermere is committed to making disciples who make disciples and planting churches that plant churches.

Making Disciples who make Disciples

  • In all our preaching and teaching we want un-believers, non-believers, side-line believers, “used-to-be” believers, skeptics, and seekers to hear the life-saving message of Jesus Christ and come to believe and live out their faith.
  • In all our preaching and teaching we want to equip believers to become “disciple-makers” themselves
  • In all our programming we want to provide service opportunities that will serve as doorways to gospel-sharing opportunities

Planting Churches that Plant Churches

  • Windermere is growing! And instead of becoming increasingly larger we are in the very early stages of a planned split as a growth strategy. Our Long-term goal is to plant one or more churches in the Ogden/Porter’s Neck/Hampstead area.
  • Our desire is not simply to plant a church, but to plant a church that has, as a part of its DNA to plant churches.
  • We are open to anywhere inside or outside the United States where God may be calling us to plant churches.