Traditional Worship. Bible Preaching.

Sunday 9:00 AM & 11:00 AM

The distinctives of both Windermere’s Worship Services are Traditional Worship, AND Bible Preaching. There are many churches in Wilmington where you can find Traditional worship, and many where you can find Bible preaching, but Windermere is one of very few where you will find both done well.

Traditional Worship

This means that we are a hymn singing, books instead of screens, pew sitting, plate passing congregation! Once a month we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, Communion. It is certainly not the only way to worship God, but at Windermere it is our favorite! If you like traditional worship you will LOVE Windermere!

Bible Preaching

The typical sermon from Windermere’s pulpit is expositional style preaching. It means we hear the Bible explained chapter by chapter, sometimes even verse by verse, or even line by line. We do this because we take the Bible as the very word of God and think it is extremely important for God’s People to understand God’s Word. For shorter seasons in the church’s life we will explore topical sermons that offer a nice short change of pace from the normal expositional style.


  • Size: intimate congregation, smaller in size
  • Music: 2 Hymns, Piano
  • Duration: 45min
  • Dress: from blue-jeans to slacks
  • Children’s Ministry and Nursery Available


  • Size: larger than our earlier service, but still friendly and personal.
  • Music: 3 Hymns, Organ and Choir
  • Duration: 1hr 15min
  • Dress: from slacks to suit and tie.
  • Children’s Ministry and Nursery Available